Samsung Is Taking Curviness To a New Level

Samsung has been doing a considerable measure of creative stuff with its displays. In the wake of having practically consummated the craft of bended smartphone displays, the South Korean giant is presently taking a gander at bendable smartphones with the supposed Galaxy X. Samsung is additionally supposed to deal with a zero-bezel smartphone. And exactly…

iOS 10.3 Comes With One of the Best Features For You

Apple Store to Now Have Pre-Order For Apps Starting Yesterday

Apple launched another element that lets you pre-order from the App Store. Declared on Monday, the change enables developers to make new iOS 11 apps accessible for pre-order up to 90 days before release. Contrasted with the App Store’s redesign that Apple uncovered in September, it’s not a gigantic change, and while most people likely…


Nvidia Released its Most Powerful GPU Ever at $3,000

Nvidia declared the arrival of Titan V, the most capable GPU ever. This isn’t the sort of graphics card your gamer companions all purchased on Black Friday, either. This is a card sufficiently capable for use on look into in artificial insight and machine learning. The GPU contains 21.1 billion transistors, and conveys 110 teraflops…


Lyft’s Driver-less Cars Hit Boston Streets

Lyft and autonomous driving company nuTonomy’s joint experimental run program has been cleared by the city officials to start getting travelers on board. The two companies first unveiled their organization back in the month of June, but needed to hold up until the point that the city’s administrative bodies gave it the green light to offer…

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