Snapchat’s New Update Lets You Make QR Snapcodes to Open Websites

Now you will be able to tag your friends on Snapchat

Instagram and Facebook are never again the main places where you can tag your buddies in humiliating photographs. Snapchat has affirmed to TechCrunch that it is trying a new feature that enables users to tag others in photographs and videos. The feature was first uncovered by Twitter client Matt Rappaport on Thursday. As per Rappaport,…


“The End of iTunes LPs,” says Apple

The iTunes LP design is at the end of its usefulness. Apple has declared that it will never again acknowledge new LP entries to the iTunes store after March 2018, in an email to music industry workers acquired by Metro. LP is an interactive album arrange that enables users to see multimedia elements as they…


Nokia is reviving the Matrix phone

With a history as long as Nokia, there’s a great deal of cool stuff to rework on— and HMD Global, the present proprietor of the Nokia brand, is playing its cards right. At a press session in Barcelona on Sunday, the organization declared the Nokia 8110 4G — a repeat of the Nokia 8110, otherwise…


Lyft is driving straight into the healthcare market

Ride-hailing apps are helping riders get to the doctor’s — and dunking into the lucrative healthcare advertise. Uber as of late declared a new program to motivate patients to medical checkups, and this week, other ride-hailing application Lyft is banding together with an electronic health records organization to give 2,500 doctor’s facilities a platform to…


No more selling of Google Nest products on Amazon

Amazon reportedly let Google know in a phone call before the end of last year that it wouldn’t list any of its Nest home products. Accordingly, Nest will stop offering its items through Amazon. Well, the decision sounds like it aims to give Alexa a leading edge. As indicated by Business Insider, Nest was anticipating…


This is why NASA still hasn’t sent humans to Mars

Science and technology are interesting – quite interesting, and with the development of it, we are discovering new heights and depths. Space exploration too, with the development and advancement of science and technology, has reached new and incredible heights. With that done, lots of new planets and celestial bodies are discovered consistently. Out of those…


This furniture is flexible and it saves a lot of space

Technology has compressed things in size. Now, things fit better in a smaller size – consider memory cards for example. From huge storage devices, they have been reduced to micro-sized cards. All thanks to technology and how it has carved the shape and performance of the things we use in our daily lives. What is…


5 cool and upcoming tech gadgets of 2018

2017 was a great year for tech. And now, in 2018, we are already two months down – February is almost over. This brings us to the prospects of numerous tech innovations that are happening around. Clearly, 2018 seems to be a promising year of tech, with large companies coming up with fine resources so…

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