Airtel 3g Udp Vpn Trick For Gujarat , Maharashtra And many other States Confirmed Working June 2014

Hello A Very Welcome To Tweaking Tricks Arena , today We Are Posting About Airtel 3g Udp Vpn Trick For Gujarat , Maharashtra And Many Other States  . As You Know That In Tcp Vpn Trick Airtel Blocks Our Sim card While We Go pto 200 mb , So We Are Back With This Trick  There Is No Restriction Over  Speed Or Sim Blocking , We Have Personally Checked This Trick And Used 2gb Plus In One Connected , As Yo All Know That Airtel Have Best 3g Signal In India , By Taking The Advantage We Have Tweaked With Unique udp Port That Is Working In Mention States , As You Know  Airtel  Recently Launched 3g in Icra States 11  , Icra States Users Also  Can Enjoy Like Gujarat And maharashtra Confirmed Working And  Many Other States Too , As We Know That Airtel 3g Gives Awesome Speed  , In Icra Signal There Is An problem Of 3g Signal , When We Connect First Time then After 5 Second It Will Automatically Disconnect Our Internet And If We reagan Connect Then It Will give 2g Speed In 3g network , So i n This Case We need Some 3g Bal in Icra states Only Or YOu Can try In Zero Bal Too  , As My friend Told Me That Use With zero Bal in Icra States , If It Giving 2g Speed Then Rc With 3g Pack .

As Might You know What Is Udp trick :– In udp Trick You Will Enjoy With No Sim Blocking Issues And All In Airtel 3g Udp Vpn Trick For Gujarat , Maharashtra And Many Other States , You Just Need To Follow Some Steps That Included In Attachment . Now lets See The Feature Of This Trick 

We Have Added 4 Premium Server From Different Country Location To Get High Speed 🙂 

Final Warning To copy paster , If You Will Be Copied my Tricks After 4 Days Then Also I Will Take Dmca Action Against Your Blog And Will Be Disabled Your Adsense Strict Warning To Fake website . If You Have Copied Then Rip Ban From Adsense And I Will Take Down Your Website  

Feature Of This Airtel 3g Udp vpn Trick

  • Based On Udp Port
  • 3g Speed For Free
  • need 3g Sim 
  • Torrent Supported 
  • http And https Supported 
  • You Can Do Transaction 
  • Included premium Config 
  • Apn :- Inside The Attachment 
  • No Sim Blocking
  • need To Follow Some Steps Before Using This Trick 
  • Confirmed Working In Gujarat , Maharashtra and many other states .
  • Don’t Share This Trick After Downloading It  


Advantages Of This Airtel 3g Udp Vpn Trick

  • Unlimited Downloads :- There is no restriction in download you can download as much can.UDP Port speeds are bit Faster Then Tcp  but they do support multi Downloads without any Capping or limitations.
  • No Speed Capping :- Airtel doesn’t have speed capping issue In Udp, You will get Full 3G Speed limited to Udp protocol Tricks. you can also try to recharge with any Airtel mini 3G pack to increase your speed above the limits.
  • Supports Torrent :- Torrent Addicted Smoker, no need to worry as your food for life is already supported. If you face some difficulties in Downloading trick via u Torrent then you Must try the ZBIGZ Premium Account Trick.Or Bytebx Premium Account
  • Full 3G Speed :- As per confirmation on this particular trick you should forget about speed capping as recharging with any minimum 3G pack will Uncap your Speed without any limits. You should get normal Udp 3G Speed between 500 kbps to 900kbps.
  • HTTP and HTTPS Protocol Supported :- Many of the online users use the eCommerce websites Like eBay and other Secured websites which uses the HTTPS protocols are now supported under this Servers.
  • Download Status :- You can download the File in Parallel and can even resume it.

Frequently Asked Question 

1. If i Used  More Than 250 Mb In Airtel Sim Does It Will Block My Sim Card ?
Ans :-
Yeah Brother It  Will Only Block if You used An Tcp Vpn Trick That Is Not Unlimited Host , But In This Udp Trick There is No Sim Blocking Or Any Balance Deduction At  all .

2. Can This Trick Support Torrent Downloading ?
Ans :-Yeah This Trick Support Direct Torrent APplication To Download You favourite File , or You Can Use Zbigz Or Byte Bx Premium Account For Downloading Fast 🙂

Password Of rar File :- @airtel!udptweakingtricks


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