Facebook Latest Prank Ever : Suggest Your Friend to add Themselves

Hello Everyone,

Today I am writing something funny which you have never ever heard. Have you ever seen of Getting friend request from yourself, no! I know its like impossible thing but it is possible. One new bug has been found on Facebook through which you can suggest your friend to themselves to add as a friend. It sounds weird right? But its true ! Suggest your friend to yourself Chrome Extension will suggest your friend to their own account. You can send friend request to yourself.

Once you send the friend request your friend will be shocked that how he got his own friend request and will think that whether his account has been hacked or what? Or some one has created his fake account ? or some spy has duplicated his account copy etc. I know its a kind of bug which facebook will solve it soon. But still you people can enjoy by suggesting friends to add themselves as this may give a shock and I’m sure they are gonna go mad for this. 😀

Download the Facebook SUGGEST YOUR FRIEND extension (a social toolkit)
Terms and Conditions

1. This is Just a Prank not a trick its a kinda BUG!
2. Enjoy this prank with your dearest friends, families etc.
3. No harm enjoying the Prank.
4. Free extension as above link provided
5. You can use this trick multiple times
6. No bans from facebook

Enjoy friends keep subscribed for more tricks and tips thank you. 😀 

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