How To Get Multiple Google Adsense Approved On One Site [How I Got Read It]

Hello Everyone,
Today I am going to tell you the tips or trick for how to multiple google adsense for one blog or a website. As you people know that getting an adsense account is not that easy as jumping and getting the grapes. But here is a premium tip which I am sharing for how to get multiple google adsense account on a single blog. Don’t worry there is no master-mind or some big task to get multiple adsense accounts on one blog.

Four Things needed to get multiple adsense account on a single blog:

1. Blog with a custom domain.
2. Good and unique contents in your blog. 

3. Once Google Adsense Approved account.
4. All Ads removed from your blog (while applying for other one.)

1st do one thing after getting one adsense approved wait for a month and make your income. Then go to Blogger settings -> Basic -> remove the author email ID i.e. 1st email ID on which the adsense has been approved.

Wait for a minute, this doesn’t ends here. after wards changing the email ID i.e. 2nd email ID and applying for adsense doesn’t make any sense because your adsense will get approved but after some time the adsense will be disabled.
OK! then next add a different email ID by going into Blogger basic settings. Then remove the custom domain and then apply for adsense.
Your adsense will be approved but Hosted ones. Hosted adsense are of not much use. As it will allow only on google products like youtube, blogspot etc. 
Then again go to basic blogger settings after 15 days change or add the email ID i.e. 3rd email ID and add a custom domain old one or new one it doesn’t matter. but new one would be preferred.
Thats it! just apply for adsense and wait for the approval. 
Good Luck and All the Best and any questions you are almost welcomed. 🙂 thanks keep subscribed.

This is the tested and is fully working and yes is fully legal way of getting adsense account.

Terms and Conditions

1. If old adsense ads present on your blog then your adsense approval may be rejected.
2. Compulsory email ID to be changed as above mentioned.
3. Minimum 1 or max 2 custom domain needed. is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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