Now No More Copyrighted Music Allowed on Youtube while Upload Video [Check How It Works]

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Here is the important news I Am Sharing. You are aware of youtube video right? Yeah who doesn’t know that? It is a good source of income. Many people educated or uneducated and non bloggers earn through YouTube by posting some unique videos and all. Today I am going to share with you something important and latest news.

Yes you are hearing right, Now you can no more earn via video on youtube with copyright music or song. Now YouTube has launched a new media named COPYRIGHT CENTER which will detect all the copyright video, audio and music. And finally it will detect that your video contains unique contents or not. 

How it works : 

This is true till now all people or almost 50% of people used to used copyright audio and music and used to earn without any extent. But now it has gone. After uploading the video it will check for the audio and video feature and give us an message that this video holds a copyright audio / video / music of the owner – owner name with the copyright details. 

Old earnings :

I know its too bad because before people used to dance with some songs, musics etc and people used to upload the funny videos and upon clicks and views they used to earn. But now all that fun has gone. People needs to think twice before uploading the copyright content video.

Uploading possible :

Its not like that, that you cannot upload the video. You are welcome to upload any video but only the thing is you cannot earn by that video. Because google adsense does not provide the policy on copyright contents.

How to get rid of this :

Yes you are reading right, you can get rid of copyright content with a simple step.

Follow the below steps :

1. You need to change the tuning of the song if u are adding it. for eg. use some softwares which changes the tuning of the song.

2. Mix 2-3 songs which becomes difficult for the youtube to identify the copyright content all songs with tuned.

3. add some expression sounds because their system won’t identify the expressions with the audio.

Thats it you are don’t. Now you can add your video easily 🙂

Conclusion :

I know its the sad news. But if we go with copyright contents its the best setup ever made by Youtube.  But if the video is your copyright then you have an option to file a dispute.

Hats off YouTube. Be aware of copyright contents on video while uploading (worry while earning only) adsense may be disabled. 

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