LG G5: Surprising us with upgraded stuffs

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LG G5 has always given reasons to us talk about this. From early days to now, LG G5 features and specifications is giving us more lively things to be connected with its proficiency. The additional features and surprising elements in LG G5 is its true nature. 

We have moved from the time when people had their phone only for common use like calling and SMS. Now tech is at its best and controlling the time with its specialty. So latest invention and the rush of various smartphones are creating more confusion you to select correct option for you.
LG G5will not only limited to its fan with its awesome features but you will see good change and its users will expand as it has all impressive elements as compare to  other devices. LG G5 is so committed for the conversion of aspirant into the user. 2015 is belongs to various new releases so lot of competition.
In Sony Xperia Z series, you will absolutely see Xperia Z4 and Xperia Z5 this year releasing. In the case of Samsung Galaxy, it will give you S upcoming series. Various companies who want to remain in news with the exact time release, versatility and being more proficient.
LG G5 is pre-determined to provide competition to other brands and its revolutionary features are committed to offer best.
When you have glance in its features and specifications, it will make you more upgraded regarding its all things.
Features and Specifications
·         The amazing thing about this device is that 5 inches display with the 4k resolution True HD IPS display.
·         Touch ID and Retina sensor security features is an extra security for your device.
·         The charging in 10 min is not easy task but it is going to happen soon in reality.
·         The cooling feature present in it will not let your phone is heated.
·         Longer battery life with strong hardware optimization will also garner lot of appreciation.
·         True Octa-Core processor with 3 GH+   and the 16 core LG NUCLUN (P+p).

The latest things have concluded that LG Nuclun chipset will make its own chipset with the configuration of 4(P+p) which is almost similar to Exynos big.LITTLE octa core processor which is going to be first in Galaxy S4. Rumor is also predicting that LG is expected to come with 8(P+p) configuration with the first 16 core processor.
However, Samsung has same feature but it takes time to have all it in reality. The rumor like that other brands can be released first with this features. See battle is on the cards. This feature is latest in the market for the smartphone users and LG G5 is likely to release this feature first.
LG G5 is not struggling as it is able to peace-lovingly to give its users best and want to grab the attention. LG G5 has various stuff to offer for keeping the competition alive in full swing.

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