Planning to buy a Sony Xperia Z4? Here is what you need to know

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One of the greatest benefiters of the technological revolution is the smartphone manufacturers. Smartphones have become so ubiquitous these days that they have rendered the good old telephone lines obsolete. Smartphone sales have shot through the sales across the globe. The competition has become so fierce that people no longer know which phone to buy. However, there is an upside to this multitude of smartphone manufacturers vying for that top share of customers. Each one tries to better their competitor in terms of quality, features, specifications and price. This is where the global consumer gets the best deal out there if he is paying enough attention.

Why the Sony Xperia Z4?

Sony has been a brand that has been associated with unfaltering quality and timeless innovation ever since its exception. Their wide range of smartphones has found a huge fan following globally and its latest models are eagerly awaited. This time around, the wait is worth it because the Sony Xperia Z4 has everything in it to turn heads. However it is no longer about designs and prices anymore. People have started to evaluate each model based on what they bring to the table that is not already there. Now that is a challenging feat, if ever there was one. With the global smartphone market witnessing atleast a dozen major releases from top manufacturers yearly like LG G4, the technological innovation associated with them has to be stretched time and again to pack the wow-effect.

This is where the Xperia Z4 scores as you will find out below. Although, Sony is yet to release the full specs or features of its upcoming phone, it is really not possible for them to keep it away from the global market hungry for rumours and speculations. So we have put together some of the data thus collected after separating facts from rumours.

ü  Operating System:                    Android 5.0.2
ü  Processor:                                ARM Qualcomm @1.55Ghz. 1 processor, 8 cores
ü  Motherboard:                           msm8994
ü  Memory:                                  2 GB
Even though we have to wait till the later part of 2015 to actually see what the model is going to be like, some leaked pictures from the latest Sony email hack throws ample light into this. We are already impressed by the adaptive screen color and brilliant back panel. Added to this is the fact that the Xperia Z3 featured a wide array of cutting-edge technologies and features. Sony is never known to retrograde in its releases; therefore the Xperia Z4 is going to be much more advanced than its predecessor.

 Some of the features expected to be in the Z4 are

ü  Waterproof casing
ü  Glass and aluminium housing
ü  20MP camera
ü  5.2 inch Full HD display
ü  Quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor    

Understandably, all these features are not going to come with a cheap price label. But as with all Sony products, you can expect full return for your money. All said and done, the Sony Xperia Z4 is absolutely worth all the hype that has been created around it. is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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