iPad Air 3 vs. Nexus 9 : which one should you buy?

Every time Apple releases a new product, the other companies in the competition come up with a better or similar alternative. When the last iPad was released, the iPad Air 2 to be specific – Nexus 9 happened to be Google’s reply to that. A new iPad is set to release in the upcoming quarter of 2015, how’s the new iPad going to compete against last year’s HTC Nexus 9? We have tried to come up with the comparison between a tablet that already exists and an Apple product that’s yet to unveil.

Most likely, the new iPad Air 3 is going to be powered by an Apple A9X chip. This will be a tablet variant of the same Apple A9 chip that’s going to be used in the next iPhone as far as we know yet. The chip will be based on 64 bit processing architecture, with desktop like performance. Almost anything that can be done on desktop will be doable on an iPad Air 3, as the iOS architecture supports the processes.

On the other hand, the Nexus 9 is powered by an NvidiaTegra K1 CPU which is a dual core 2.3 GHz CPU. For better graphics processing, the GPU used is a Kepler DX1. The combined powerhouse of these two may not provide a desktop like performance like the iPad Air 2, yet the combined performance is definitely going to produce a very productive output even on the go.

Tablet cameras aren’t much used, since people use smartphone cameras for basic photography and selfies. Mostly, the tablets’ cameras are used to capture class lecture or presentation keynotes from projector screens and the Nexus 9 camera does the job at its best. The rear camera on the Nexus 9 is an 8 MP unit with autofocus and LED flash. Even normal photo shoot in low light could be done using this tablet.

The front camera on Nexus 9 is 1.6 MP with 720p video capturing feature.

Apple iPad Air 2 had pretty much an identical camera to the Nexus 9. Apparently, the next iPad is going to have a far better camera. We assume the rear camera may get increased to 13 MP from 8 MP and a 5 MP front camera instead of the previous 1.2 MP camera. This would make the iPad Air 3 stand out against the similar Android counterparts.

As long as the retina display standard criterion gets satisfied, Apple doesn’t usually bump the resolution up any more. However, the iPad Air 2 had a higher resolution display still not as much as QHD or FHD; just 2048×15336 pixels which is similar to Nexus 9. Apple iPad Air 2 has a bigger 9.7 display offering lesser pixel density while Nexus 9’s 8.9 inches display offer a display that’s clearer and sharper.

However, the experience doesn’t change much and unless you look very closely, the change isn’t much prominent. iPad Air 3 is most likely to have a QHD display.

Apple iPad Air 3 will be running on iOS 10 while the Nexus 9 is powered by Android 5.1 Lollipop.


We’d be able to make an exact review once the iPad Air 3 gets released. Till then, we’d stick to these assumptions.

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