NO HUMANS REQUIRED – Driverless Cars In Formula Racing

When we sit down to watch one very interesting sport— the Formula racing, we enjoy how the cars get past each other in seconds and how they knock each other, making the sport very lively.

The next things we may be seeing on the track is a set of driverless cars that are really bent on outdoing each other; the driverless Tesla and Google’s driverless car are just two of the 10 (robot) cars that will be going against each other next year at Roborace. Roborace is a high-speed test for 10 driverless car designers who will be competing at the Formula E.

Roborace is the world’s first race that involves electric and driverless cars. With many cars becoming automated these days, Roborace has promised to showcase different vehicle technologies, technologies that are more nimble, reliable and even more capable than what we see in the automobile market today. According to reports, the cars will be programmed to run past each other, make decisions on when and when not to accelerate, when to slow down, and when to pull tight turns.

The Chief Executive Officer of Roborace stated this in a press release: “Roborace will be an open challenge to all effective and innovative scientific cars and it is open to the best technology focused companies. It is very exciting to know that we are creating a unique platform for these companies to showcase their cars, technologies and their capabilities. This will also allow viewers get a glimpse of what owning a driverless car will be like, and the best cars may have an opportunity to get the best buys.”

There are so many things that will be making these cars quite easier, in fact, easier than driving a car in the real world. These cars will not have to worry about pedestrians; there won’t be stoplights, no traffic jams and no cyclists. These cars were also fitted with the ability to maneuver at very high speeds and they have been programmed to change lanes when possible. The cars come with sensors and software that make them responsive to directions. Cars generally have faults, and these cars won’t run forever without having faults. Although we are yet to ascertain where faults could be coming from or how the faults may develop, we can be sure that all other electric and driverless cars will respond accordingly when another driverless car develops a fault on the road. The need to maintain the safety of the car has led it to be powered by a technology that is quite higher than what is found in most commercial vehicles.

Driverless cars

The driverless cars will be racing from London to Beijing to Buenos Aires, the same distance the human drivers in Formula E go. Because of the distance, these cars won’t be tested for speed alone; they will also have to be tested for efficiency and road safety. Roborace will be the judge of this race, and based on performance and some other key factors, the best cars may emerge. is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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