This can be likened to a mid-life makeover for the Porsche Boxster and the Cayman. The two mid-engine cars will be given new names next year, one will be known as the Porsche Boxster 718 while its cousin will be known as 718 Cayman. The cars will also be featuring slight changes in the engine, meaning they are going to sport unique engine makeovers. The cars will be coming with the flat sizes we all love, and they will also be adding brand-new pairs of turbos.

The flat-four turbos of the car will be direct injections; they will also be coming with variable-vane turbo 16-valvers that are available in two different versions. The Porsche will be sporting an improved 2.0 liters engine, 300bhp and 266Ib ft torque, it can go a distance of 0-62 mph in just 5.4seconds, and it has a running capacity of 168mph+.The 718 Cayman will be having a 2.5 liters engine, 340bhp, 2951Ib torque and 0-62mph in just 4.9 seconds.

The jettisoning two cylinders will be letting the Boxster feature a 15% reduction in average fuel consumption. Just as in the previous version, there is an opportunity to choose between a sweetly weighted manual gearbox and a swift-shifting PDK twin-clutch automatic. The cars will also be coming with chassis’ that have been re-engineered to accommodate all the new plumbing, cooling as well as an extra engine mount.


The smaller 2.0 liter engine still gives you that agile and responsive feel, while the 500cc bigger unit may not answer the pedal as quickly and easily as it should. When fitted with the optional exhaust system, the cars give a sharper, more aggressive sounding. The engine bay still has enough room, so we won’t be surprised if we will be getting a six-cylinder engine.

The main changes on the Boxster 718 are the LED headlights and the tail-lights. The car also sports four bright dots per unit and it comes with horizontal light bars for the indicators and rear lights. The car also comes with a new instrument panel inside, getting rid of the old noisy air vents.

Although we didn’t notice many new changes in the chassis section, Porsche included some little features. The rear wheels are now half-inch wider than before, the tyre compound gives a better grip, the suspension kinetics have also gotten little improvements, the brakes are now bigger and more sensitive, and the stability control is now better than what we used to get.

Talking of the rates at which Porsche will be selling the cars, we can expect the same rate difference they always had; Porsche is likely going to price the Cayman much more than the Boxster. If we will consider some of the features that Boxster has, we may even feel the Boxster will be changing history this time around. Just as the 911 Cabrio costs much more than a Coupe, the 718 Boxster may sell for 1,500 when it arrives, and the 718 Cayman which arrives later in 2016 may cost around that region, either higher or lower, only time will tell.

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