A New Leaked Image of the Moto X (Gen 4)

The upcoming Motorola Moto X has been spotted online. The device comes with a metal body and so many physical designs that add to the beauty of the sleek Smartphone. Motorola has had a very fruitful year, with Smartphones being released and its competition in the market remaining at its peak, Motorola is now planning to go a step further in its bid to gain more ground. The last couple of months have been graced with series of Smartphones, and the US-based Smartphone maker has been able to make the 2015 one of its most fruitful years.

Different to phones with slippery metal cases, the new Motorola Moto X will be coming with a metal back that has been well patterned to give you that firm grip. In addition to its firm grip, the Motorola Moto X comes with a very stylish rubberized pattern that’s gives you that presentable device you always loved using.

If we are to go by the specs on the newest Motorola devices in market, the new Motorola Moto X will likely sport a shatterproof display and a fast switch back to AMOLED panels after the giant phone maker used the LCD panels on its Smartphones this year. The company tried to ensure that its casing does not mask the phone’s 11.6mm thickness, thereby lessening the phones weight to 155g.

Talking of the software specs, we may have to wait for some time because the company hasn’t really released any main features of the device. But seeing the rear, we can expect that the Motorola Moto X camera is quite larger than the cameras on other Smartphones. The Motorola Moto G Turbo edition comes with a quad-core 1.5 GHz cortex-A53 quad-core 1.0 GHz cortex –A53 processor. The screen is really colorful, but it isn’t as sharp as many would have expected as the images are too grainy, this being the result of a bad color production.

Talking of the smudges, the oleophobic coating gives you that anti-smudges device, and without smudges, the Smartphone looks really clean, even months of use won’t easily tell on it. At a time when many older versions of the Motorola haven’t really given a good camera quality, Motorola will be looking to explore the market with a new device, but if the camera quality is better, Motorola will have gotten the selling point they have always needed in the Smartphone market.

The Motorola Vibe S1 is another device that stands out among the Motorola range of Smartphones, having a very colorful and flexible interface that comes with good looking wallpapers and themes, the Vibe is a nice one to get.

The Motorola Moto G Turbo stills sports a 2470 mAh battery, a fast charge feature and also a microSD card slot that can house a 32GB microSD. Although its camera is better, it can’t be compared to the likes of Samsung, Apple, LG and HTC which means the camera needs improvements.

The camera has 0 apertures, auto-focus feature, dual-LED flash and a 5MP front-facing camera that’s serves your needs when you need to take selfies. With all these features on the Moto Turbo and the other devices under the Motorola brand, we can expect a better device when the Moto X (Gen 4) comes out.

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