Apple Slashes iPhone 5s Prices

Once again, Apple has made a huge cut in the prices of the iPhone 5 series. Apple has experienced a huge turn-up of sales in the Indian market, and with a view to getting more people to adopt the iPhone, Apple has taken another turn.

Apple has been rumored to have been planning to help many people cross carpet from Android to iOS. And we can see the truth in that claim if we recall that the iPhone 5s got a slash in price just months back. The device, which sells for Rs24, 999 (about $350 USD), is now almost half of the Rs44, 500 price tag put on it back in September.

India has now recorded the lowest priced iPhone 5s in the world. But even after this reduction, after the Indian rupee started experiencing real devaluation and after the import taxes went higher, Apple is still the most priced mobile phone in the Indian market.

If Apple is to have a stronger hold on the Smartphone users in the mid-segment, it is imperative that it slashes the prices of its iPhones and this first slash is a good strategy to start with. When compared to many other Smartphones, Apple devices have been known to cost more. Many retailers have pointed out that the highest number of iPhones bought in India is the iPhone 5s and that’s makes it possible for the iPhone 5s to take about 50 percent of the total iPhone sales in India. Apple may have to review the prices of its older devices if it’s to gain more ground in the Smartphone business.

Just around this time last year, we were expecting the release of the iPhone 6, and for the first time, Apple reduced the price of the iPhone 5 so as to prepare the ground for the release of the updated version of the iPhone. Information has been flying round concerning the possible release of a new iPhone next year, Apple might be planning to get many more to see the iPhone, see reasons why they should consider getting updated versions, and for them (Apple) to also clear the stock. If the iPhone 7 launches next year, then we shouldn’t be surprised when we start seeing a drop in the price of the iPhone 6s.

The number of people using the iPhone 5 series in India was clocked at 1.2 million until September, and the total number of iPhone sales stood at 3.5 million, but ever since the drop in price, the number of sales has continued to triple.

Samsung’s A and E series are sold within the range at which the iPhone 5s is being sold, if Samsung doesn’t release newer models of its devices, the iPhone 5s has the potential to take part of the share of the Samsung market.

The iPhone 5s comes with a 4-inch retina display; it’s powered by A7 chipset that’s based on 64-bit pc architecture. The iPhone 5s also comes with a co-processor and M7 that’s helps when trying to sense motions. The device comes with an 8MP rear camera and dual LED flashlight. The camera can record 720p HD movies in 120fps. is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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