Apple iOS 9.3 Beta

At the start of this week, Apple released the first beta of the iOS 9.3 from its developers. The operating system will be coming with a range of features and some added capabilities; Apple has hinted that it will be adorned with some of its new releases. The iOS 9.3 comes with a multi-user mode in its iPad for schools. The operating system will also be having a night-mode that helps to improve the nighttime viewing experience derived from the use of the device.


Calling the night-mode a “Night Shift”, the company says that the feature will change the white balance of the screen to go in tune with your geographical location and the time of the day. The mode will automatically shift the color in your display to the warmer end of the spectrum, thereby making it very easy for your eyes to rove around the screen and still remain protected from the extra rays. This feature remains in the night-mode for as long as its night, and when its morning, the geographical and time setting will make it possible for the device to automatically shift back to its regular settings. Coming after Google introduced a similar feature to the Google Play Books and Amazon launching the Fire HD 8 Reader’s Edition, Apple has finally yielded to the requests of its customers.

Of the new features that come with the iOS 9.3, Apple has included a multi-user mode on its iPad and it will be coming with a feature called, ‘Shared iPad’ which is only available for the education sector where it has been discovered that more than one person share the same device.  The use of Shared iPad will make it possible for more than one student to log in to the same iPad, improving the privacy and satisfaction derived.

In order to preserve the students’ information, the Shared iPad feature keeps a tab on each user, and those who sign in most are sure to get their contents cached, thereby making it possible to use the needed information without having to download documents and files every time. Apple has made it possible for any student who couldn’t afford a one-student-to-one-iPad formula to use an iPad by just logging in to any iPad, and still have all their contents at a go.


The Shared iPad feature comes as part of the company’s push to make a name in the education sector. The company also updated the classroom app by making it possible for the teacher to track the apps each individual student is using at a particular time. This app also makes it possible for students to share what they are doing with others and Apple also improved its school manager portal.

The Notes app of the iOS 9.3 has been updated to one with a Touch ID password protection and improved sorting options. Apple also updated its News app to one that is better customized with additions of topics and a section for the Editor’s Pick. The news feed comes with an ability to play desired videos and its updates come pretty fast.

Apple also updated the Health app in the iOS 9.3, making it really easy for users to find and add any third-party health app to their health dashboard. Lastly, Apple has worked its Music app into CarPlay and it gives users the chance to choose from the numerous play lists and albums. is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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