Sony Releases New Turntable and Speaker Lights

Sony has released a music turntable that makes it possible for people to record vinyl into high-definition. In addition to the music turntable that it released at CES 2016, the tech giant also released light bulbs that will also be working as speakers. These two devices have been a highlight of the CES, and all Sony’s pre-CES media conference was spent talking about the music turntable and the speaker lights.


The launch event which comes on the eve of the opening of the world’s biggest technology and electronics show only came as light announcements, but the light announcements were enough for the audio and light items to catch the attention of the audience and the world media.

Naming it the PS-HX500, the new turntable has been planned to start going on sale by April in the UK and it could be going for as much as £400. The sleek gadgets will not only be playing vinyl, they can also be used to record and improve the quality of the video. With these gadgets, you can upscale your audio quality into high-definition for users everywhere to be able to use it and still enjoy the quality.

Although the news conference was dominated by televisions and home appliances, Sony proved that it is a force to reckon with by also releasing its own range of televisions—that’s the 4K Bravia TV and the new 4K Handycam. Although it also released its own televisions, the giant tech company’s release of the audio products were the main highlights of the news making rounds—not even the sleek televisions.

Speaking at the conference, the President and Chief Executive Officer, Sony, said this, “we have been making many choices in a bid to be different and unique, our passion to face all these challenges were borne out of curiosity, and our creativity is as a result of our commitment. It is now very clear that we have the philosophical and strategic pillars in place to continue to build a stronger, better and a more profitable Sony.”


One of the most creative releases of the tech giant is the LED bulb speaker; it has become one of the several lighting products that also double as speakers. The device comes with a quality sound broadcast through vibrations that passes through the glass that forms the bulb. This makes it a device that serves your lighting as well as your audio needs, and it gives you the desired results of each service you want it to deliver.

Although the device is already in Japan, many customers may still want these audio, lighting and video devices to appear in their local markets. Sony has promised that it will start a wider roll-out of the devices soon, and the US will be used as the base for all of its roll-outs.

Sony also announced a new range of headphones; some are in-ear while others are on-ear. The company called this the “world’s smallest high-resolution portable speakers”.

We just have to wait and see what these devices look and feel like when they arrive in our homes, for now, we will keep you updated with all latest news from Sony. is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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