Blackberry Sacks 200 More Employees

One time big-time Smartphone maker, Blackberry, has really been having a rough ride recently. After the company said that if its Blackberry Priv doesn’t sell 5 million pieces it would close shop, we started having this feeling that Blackberry is really finding it hard. It seems the glory days of this Smartphone maker is gradually passing by even after making its Smartphones come with Android systems. The latest news we are hearing is that the tech giant is sending off some of its employees in Canada and Florida, and after being questioned on the new development, the company simply stated that the massive sack is part of a strategic turnaround.

A Strategic turnaround—could they be planning to finally phase-out mobile phones and concentrate on other areas of the technology business? Well, we can’t just fathom what the strategy is yet, but we are much concerned about the 200 who recently lost their jobs.

Ever since this tech and consumer electronics maker was left behind by the likes of Apple, Samsung and Google in the Smartphone race, this once successful mobile phone company has been struggling to make ends meet. Blackberry ditched the likes of Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Vodafone when it started making its Blackberry Smartphones, and just as it ditched other less-innovative companies, Blackberry has also been ditched by more innovative companies, making the technology market one of the most competitive.

When it was in its prime in 2012, Blackberry had a solid workforce of 16,500 full-time employees and by 2014 it had cut the size of its workforce to just 8000 full-time employees. News flying round has now revealed that by February 2015(a year ago), Blackberry had just 6,225 full-time employees.

Although it has tagged this ‘a strategic move to cut-cost’, the company is yet to reveal the types of jobs it has decided to cut out and those it still needs. The company simply stated that the mass layoff will affect 125 jobs at the Canadian headquarters in Waterloo and another 75 jobs in Florida.

Though unconfirmed, we are hearing that the latest layoff has really affected Blackberry’s Devices team, but when asked, Blackberry only revealed that it is concentrating on driving efficiencies across the global workforce, prompting it to sack 200 more employees.

Reports have said that Blackberry would not be keeping its Blackberry 10 team and its Devices team onboard, as that could be a reason it has planned to transit over to Android OS fully. The reports hinted that the Devices team and the Blackberry 10 team along with some other teams that would not be needed could raise the number of those being sacked to 1000 in coming weeks.


Although Blackberry hasn’t confirmed that it would be laying off 1000 employees, it did say in its latest statement that, “even though some teams in some departments are being laid off, it is very vital to note that some newer, much needed teams that would be of much use are being brought onboard.”

Blackberry may have hidden it, but we foresee that the company would not be going forward with Blackberry OS as it has shut down its ‘Built for Blackberry’ program for Blackberry 10 apps in January 2016. is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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