EA Now Accepting Signup for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Never call them outdated, games still hold a very large part of our lives, in fact, we still love the feeling of controlling the character, making the calls, doing the undoes and still winning. Although it’s cool to play and win in games, it becomes less challenging when you always win, but when you lose and win, you remain at the top of the challenge.

Electronic Arts has been known for its games; starting from Java devices to iOS devices, EA has never failed to meet our expectations. We have been hearing rumors going round about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst prerelease beta. The game is a first  person action game in which the player takes control of  Faith Connors as she progresses through the city called ‘Glass’.

The game was developed by EA Dice and it is published by Electronic Arts. The game will be coming as an improved form of the earlier version we saw in 2008. The upcoming game will be revolving round the main act ‘Faith Connors’ and how she tries to overthrow a series of underground corporations that control the city of Glass. The company said that it has started accepting signups for the closed beta launching ahead of the May retail release of the game. All users who may be interested in signing up can do that by clicking here.

Any player that has an EA account will be eligible for the beta version of the game on Xbox One and Playstation 4. The game will also have a PC edition for Windows and that requires that players install the company’s Origin client for them to be able to download and use the beta version at the launch.

Although the details of the beta is still unknown, the company stated recently that players will need a stable internet connection, which means it is possible for players to get an early glimpse of the game’s multiplayer component.

Even though players of the mirror edge catalyst will not be competing against themselves, EA Dice stated that the game comes with some in-game actions that will have an impact on others via asynchronous multiplayer mechanics. The game sports some hackable billboards that players can deface over the course of the game’s campaign. The visual results of this defacing will be visible to other players of the game who are connected to the company’s online services.

The game also features in-game leader-boards that will pit players against their friends’ bests in specific challenges.  Many years back, we witnessed the release of the earlier version of this game. At that time, the game was hyped for its freerunning parkour mechanics that have been carried over into the Catalyst.

mirror's edge catalyst

During the course of the narrative, the players run, climb and vault across stark urban environments as they flee from totalitarian pursuers. This little narrative goes a long way to help us have an idea of what we will be seeing when the game finally launches. We don’t need to say it, as EA is known for its high graphics games and the cool gameplay that it brings into each of its games. The only downside is the game’s inability to support multiple players. But we still give kudos to EA for making it possible to challenge other people’s high scores during the game, which is still cool.

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