Microsoft to Buy Swiftkey

Microsoft’s mobile first and cloud first policy has led it ahead of most of its competitors. The giant tech company has made some real progress in its discoveries, the latest being the underwater data storage center that it has been working on for some time. The company has been able to create an underwater vessel that would be used to store information, and after four months of continuous tests, Microsoft announced that it has made significant progress.

The latest development from the tech giant is a purchase of London based startup, Swiftkey. The company is the maker of the popular keyboard app that goes by the same name. The agreement between Microsoft and Swiftkey is that all employees of Swiftkey will be working under Microsoft immediately after the changeover in management. The purchase by Microsoft was announced earlier today and Swiftkey’s board has gone on to transfer all the needed licenses to the new owners.


The companies haven’t revealed the cost of the purchase, but we got hints from Financial Times that Microsoft could have purchased Swiftkey for as much as $250 million. Many Smartphones already have the Swiftkey app running in them and Microsoft has announced that it will be integrating the Swiftkey technology into the Windows’ Word Flow keyboard in some months.

The app maker has also stated that its software will still be available on all Android and iOS devices and the app would still be delivering the usual quality predictions. The Swiftkey app is not available on Microsoft’s mobile platform for now even though over 300 million people make use of it regularly.

The Redmond based tech company (Microsoft) also agreed that all Android and iOS devices will still have access to the app. The app is popular for its use of artificial intelligence to offer word suggestions to users. In addition to offering word suggestions, it also saves some words that may not be on the dictionary, words like names, places and slangs, after which it brings them up when it suspects the user is trying to type something similar.

Swiftkey co-founders, Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock wrote this in a blog post after the sales, “Microsoft’s mission is to empower every organization and every individual on the planet to achieve more and our mission is to enhance interaction between people and technology. We think we are a perfect match because we have what Microsoft needs and they have what we need, so we believe joining Microsoft at this time is the right step in the right direction.”


Hart Shum, Executive Vice President, Technology and Research at Microsoft also had this to say about the recent step taken by the company, “this acquisition is a good example of Microsoft’s commitment to bringing its software and its services to everyone and on every platform. We are promising to continue the development of Swiftkey’s market-leading keyboard apps for Android and iOS and we would also explore scenarios for the integration of the core technology across all our products and services.”

Ever since it appointed Satya Nadella as its CEO in February 2014, Microsoft has been acquiring a number of apps and services. Microsoft used to focus on its own platform, but recently, it has started launching its services on other platforms and it hasn’t stopped purchasing interesting and useful productivity startups. Some of the apps that Microsoft purchased include Acompli, Wunderlist and Sunrise; each offers different services and Microsoft has been able to remake these services to fit its needs. is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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