The New Honda Civic Car Could Be Released At Geneva

List the top 10 car makers in the world; don’t mention ‘Honda’ and you should be prepared to face a really angry mob. The company is good, its cars are top-notched, its features and usability is just what we always need. Honda is one of the most consistent car makers around; coming alongside companies like Toyota, Volkswagen, and Ford, this car maker has always made us excited with its releases.

The latest information we have is the planned release of this Concept car. It is likely that Honda would reveal this new car at the Geneva Motor Show and leaks have proved that one of the main features of this car is its hatchback. Honda cars have been known to always come with slightly similar designs, so we could expect that this car would be following in the footsteps of its older models. The car will be sporting a shape that is slightly similar to that of the Civic Coupe that was revealed last year, while the rear lights and the sporty roofline would be upgraded.

The leaked image shows a very large vent-like style below the taillights, and the car also sports two central-mount exhausts. Coming with a sporty look, the Honda Civic has enjoyed the larger share of a £200million investment in Honda’s Swidon and Wilts factory. The company also decided that it would move the production of CR-V to Ontario, Canada. This decision was made in a bid to ensure that the Swidon and Wilts factories focus more on the Honda Civic. This will be the hub for the latest Honda Civic car production and it will be building all models of the car that will be used in Europe and some of the world’s major markets.

The pictures we saw showed most of what we would be having on the new Honda Civic car, and the only missing details being some of the internal specs. Taking a closer look at the pictures, we only see a car with a sleeker and more stylish design. The Civic Concept car could be a two-door coupe and while the version of the car in the image was likely for the US market, leaks have shown that the version of the car going into Europe would not be too different.

The latest version of the Honda Civic features a cluttered layout, but we expect that the new car will be coming with an orderly dashboard and it could be coming with a larger touchscreen that would replace this split-screen arrangement that many have tagged, ‘confusing’. The car could be coming on a new platform that will beat the Saloon and Coupe models.

Honda Automotive

This version of the Honda Civic could be having two direct injection VTEC turbo engines of 1.5-litres four-cylinder and 1.0-litre three-cylinder, coming as an upgrade to the current 1.8-liter engine. The car could also be coming with six-speed manual and it could attract lot of buyers in the US than anywhere in the world.

We just have to wait until the car maker releases this car (possibly at Geneva) before we know the full specs, but you can always stay on the dial as we bring you some other interesting and cool tech stories.



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