Google Adds a Feature That Will Help You Plan Your Holiday

Planning a holiday could be a mixture of stress and pleasure as many have plans for some distant places, and still many just wonder what they need and how to enjoy these vacations. Google is launching a feature that will help you plan every bit of your next vacation and all you may just have to do is to make the final decision and move.

The new feature called, ‘Google Destinations’ is a cool feature that comes just when we need it. We will be finding it a lot easier when planning our next holiday. This feature will be appearing in mobile searches, and this means users with mobile devices will be enjoying it even more, but is there a person in this modern world without a mobile device? So just ditch your PC for some minutes while you check-out the best travel destinations in the world.

One of the strengths of this feature is that it goes beyond just telling you some cool vacation places; it also lets you know the cost of going there from your present location. I think this is pretty cool because the cost of making a trip is always on of the first things we consider when planning to set off on a journey, and Google Destinations is making it a whole lot easier.

Google Destination doesn’t just leave you after telling you the cost; it also goes on to let you know the best times of the year to go there. Google Destination puts into consideration the weather, the custom, and the cost when advising you on the best times to visit a specific location, but this doesn’t mean you can’t go there whenever you want to, it’s just an added feature that lets people know more about a planned destination.

When you are on the Destination page, you will have the option of using any of the two tabs on the page. One of the tabs shows you photos of the place, videos and all information pertaining to the destination. This tab seems to be the most useful thing you need when planning your vacation as I have personally had to get pictures of places before making decisions to travel there.


But even after getting the picture and general information about a place, you do need an itinerary, and that’s where the first tab comes in. Clicking on the tab gives you access to all possible roads leading to your destination. Even after entering the country or place of your vacation, the itinerary also helps you get around the place with ease, and that’s the most useful thing you can get when in a place that you know little about. The first tab means most of us going on vacations won’t need guides as much as we used to need them, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need them because many cities are yet to have their itineraries on Google.

The second tab lets you gain access to all the booking and reservation information you need. You will need to book your flights, book hotel rooms and make all necessary payments before setting off on your journey, and the second tab is just perfect for that.

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