HTC 10 Release Date Revealed

HTC’s flagship Smartphone may have entered the advanced stage and the company may be planning to move it out of production and quality control. Rumors of the release of the Smartphone has been making lots of waves with the tech company releasing many teasers, and we are also getting some leaked images of what the HTC 10 will be like. The company has said that it’s obsessed, but this time, the obsession is ‘in a good way’. The company hasn’t minced words when telling us what to expect on its planned release of the Smartphone and some of the things we will enjoy by using the device after it finally gets out.

The company recently had a press release and it stated that April 12 will be seeing the release of the Smartphone; it will be confirming the Smartphone’s features and telling us the pricing. Well, that’s going to be a very interesting time for those of us who just love new gadgets; and for tech enthusiasts who have spread rumors on the expected specs and features of the Smartphone, April 12 will be a time to confirm facts and ditch some failed expectations.

According to the press invites it sent out, the company promised that it will be streaming the release of the Smartphone live from by 8am on that day.

Rumors have suggested that the Smartphone will be having an LCD 5 display technology and the battery will be clocked at 3000mAh. That’s massive, and that will be a real money spinner for the tech giant as everyone is interested in devices with long-lasting battery capacities. But HTC disappointed us by downgrading its battery now, and the design is just too familiar. We expected that the company will come with something better and more advanced than the traditional design of the HTC mixed with the design of the A9.

Hints have also suggested that the Smartphone will be coming with the latest chipset from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 820, and we can expect a 5.15-inch display to accompany the Smartphone. An additional spec is a 4GB RAM that we will be enjoying on the HTC 10, and we also expect the Smartphone to come with a minimum of 32GB internal storage capacity and a microSD card slot for those who may want a memory upgrade.  The rear-facing camera is 12MP, and HTC has managed to tease that the HTC 10 camera will be “world class” so just like what we find on Samsung Galaxy S7, a reduced camera pixel really never translates to poor camera quality.


HTC just needs to realize that the Smartphone industry is very competitive, and this year will be one of the most competitive years in the industry. Companies like Huawei, Samsung and LG haven’t missed an opportunity to hit the nails on the head in each of their releases, and that spells that HTC will have to tighten its belt and face the competition.

Well, these are just a few of the features and specs the HTC 10 is expected to come with. But you can always be confident and trust that we will bring all news to you as fast as possible as we draw closer to April 12. is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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