iPhone 5SE Fails To Impress

Apple recently released its iPhone SE, and just like many other Smartphone makers, Apple has been teasing the Smartphone and rumors have flown around about what we should expect from the Smartphone. Well, it’s now out, and it doesn’t feel like many users are really impressed by the Smartphone; in fact, many have even concluded that Apple has lost that innovative edge that it is known to have always possessed.

The iPhone SE Smartphone that was unveiled in Cupertino California by Tim Cooks and some of the company’s top men and women shows just how much Apple has failed to impress this time around. The Smartphone comes with a 4-inch display, and this just goes on to show that Steve Jobs brought a lot of innovation to the Apple board back then, and Tim Cook should charge his team to improve the quality of their services.

One outstanding innovation, though, is that the Smartphone goes against the Smartphone industry’s larger-screen sized Smartphone custom. All new Smartphones always give us this, “it comes with a larger screen” feeling, but this Smartphone goes counter to that idea. Instead, Apple has decided to give us something much smaller with more power.

Another cool feature we saw was that the Smartphone comes with the functions of latest iPhones, so even if the body is looking like the earliest iPhones, its system has the capabilities of the iPhone 6. So, can we just conclude that the iPhone SE isn’t what we want? Well, we can’t tell until you get yours.

Apple may succeed in hitting a massive 15 million annual shipment of the Smartphone if it offers what people want to see on the iPhone SE. Apple has always enjoyed massive sales of its iPhones in the past, and that could be due to the innovative ideas that always come in play on each Smartphone it releases.

Apple still has the unique design that attracts people to its Smartphone, so even if this Smartphone comes with a design that slightly similar to those we find on earlier iPhones, Apple alone uses the design and that makes it special.


The market for a 4-inch smartphone could be a problem; so, even if this Smartphone has rich potential, the 4-inch market is gradually reducing, and just as I stated earlier in this article, Apple shouldn’t be surprised to see a rocky road this time around in the 4-inch market.

Apple would be placing a $400 price tag on this Smartphone, and I would say that’s a pretty considerate price considering that the device comes with some great features under an old shell.

Well, it’s a handy piece of tech as it comes with some amazing specs. And Apple has also proved to be one company that hasn’t failed to bring something surprising. Many will call this action a less innovative one, but actually; it takes the mind of a genius to recreate a Smartphone. There are many who love 4-inch iPhones, but they can’t use them because new models come with improved specs, Apple has decided to release a Smartphone that sports the physical features of the older ones but comes with improved specs, so that’s a win for 4-inch Smartphone users.

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