Microsoft Denies Forcing Windows 10 on Users

Reports have claimed that Microsoft is forcing users to install the newly released Windows 10 on their computers. This comes after some users reported that Microsoft continues bugging them with notifications that seemed like threats to get the upgrade. Well, many are not interested in the upgrade yet, as I personally still enjoy using the older versions of the Microsoft Windows. This isn’t the best of times for Microsoft has it has been under stinging attacks recently, the earlier attacks came from developers, and they said that it (Microsoft) is attempting to monopolize the PC gaming market, well, Microsoft just has a lot of explanations to do.

The first thing the company did was to actually refute claims, and it tried clearing the air, letting its customers know that it isn’t forcing them to make the upgrade. In the recent statement from Microsoft, the tech giant said that “users are in full control” of their machines. I will like to believe that as the company really shouldn’t force users to ditch the older operating systems for the new one.

Some other users have said something quite different, though, that Microsoft has been installing the Windows 10 OS on their computers without their consent. A Kotaku writer recently stated that Microsoft downloaded and installed the Windows 10 on his PC overnight.

Well, just as we would expect, they had disagreed with the complaints, in fact, the Redmond-based company went on to highlight that this automatic upgrade isn’t done without the user’s consent. Through its spokesperson, the company issued a quote, saying: “we shared on the Windows blog back in October last year that we are committed to making it easy for Windows 7 and 8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10, just as we stated in that post, we have improved the upgrade experience to make it easier for customers to schedule a time for their upgrade to take place. Customers will always be in full control of their devices, they have the choice to upgrade or not to upgrade to Windows 10, and they can still remove the upgrade from the Windows Update anytime.”

Well, Microsoft could be downplaying the main situation in a bid to save face here, as over 3000 people have come up with these issues with the vast majority of them pointing fingers at this automatic update. Can we say these 3000 people really didn’t know what they had set on their computers that triggered the upgrade? Or has Microsoft suffered from a glitch? That’s a question for another day.


Just as stated earlier, many people know that Microsoft has been aggressively pushing the Windows 10 to a wider audience and that could have resulted in this updates coming in. Users have the option to change this setting on Windows Updates, and that could stop the upgrade from automatically downloading, but this is not something many users will love to do, as it will hurt their systems in the long run. I have been able to get some useful fixes with the aid of the Windows Update, stopping it would mean I won’t even know when a useful update to a feature is available.

Users just have to bear with the company, and see what will be done to salvage the situation without hurting our machines in the long-run. is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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