Microsoft Shines with Cross-Platform Gaming

Gaming is a very big niche in the tech industry, it may look very different, diverse, and it may seem like one that stands separately. But on a closer look, it will really amaze you to realize that the two are intertwined, because, without cool gadgets, games may not be enjoyable and without great operating systems, games may not be playable.

Microsoft is one of the biggest tech companies around. It actually started from operating systems, but today, it has gone into gadgets, consumer electronics, and many other niches, proving how good it can be even in a different field. Recently, Microsoft has started to gain ground in the gaming industry; in fact, it has come under attacks in recent weeks over some moves it’s making in the PC gaming industry.

Well, gaming has really grown in recent times, with many more people enjoying each game that comes out. Newer games come with advanced graphics and game plays, and that has just managed to attract many more people to the gaming arena. Gamers have always wanted to play games that are cross-console for quite some time, and the recent gaming climate has been supporting cross-play between the console and the PC. One of the most notable cross-console inventions we saw in recent times is the partnership between Rocket’s League and PS4. Well, that was great, but gamers didn’t like the fact that PC has been the limit; they want to enjoy their gaming experience on a larger scale. Well, Microsoft listened to gamers, and that has pushed it to release a cross-console gaming community that’s open to everyone and on every machine.

The Rocket League will be the first game to support this open-network playing, setting another record after it became the first game to break the open network barriers by working on PC and PS4. The company hasn’t revealed when we should be expecting the update that will be coming with this change, but it has hinted that we would be getting it later this spring. Microsoft sent one of the best news to gamers by deciding to open the Xbox Live Network. And that shows a bright light for developers as they will really enjoy using this feature whenever they choose to.


If developers will decide to have this feature in mind when building future games, we will be enjoying unprecedented benefits; one of such is that games like The Division and Destiny will be having one single community and that result in better engagement among players. Players who make use of the PS4, Xbox One and PC will all be able to play together, and they will be able to challenge one another, which will result in a massive growth in the gaming industry as the competition will be at the peak.

Well, Microsoft has opened the door, but it now depends on game developers to make games that will support these features. It may take a while, though, but I am sure all gamers will want to try this, and the first game developer to release a game with this feature in mind will receive a massive turn-up in sales as everyone will want to check it out. is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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