Microsoft’s Surface Hub TV

One shouldn’t feel too shy to agree that Microsoft is a formidable force here in the tech industry. Its survival has been due to the fact that it has always increased its relevance, and the more it increases its importance and relevance, the more we just find it hard to let go.

The tech company has been known for investing in many different fields, starting from operating systems to Smartphones, and now television. One of the companies that were hit while Microsoft is on its conquest was Nokia’s phone company that had to sell off to Microsoft, after which Microsoft wasted no time in changing its name.

The latest from Microsoft is an 84-inch surface hub television that comes with some wonderful specs. This television has been designed for conference meetings, board meetings, homes and it even allows students, professors and lecturers collaborate and communicate seamlessly.

This touchscreen TV comes powered by Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 operating system, it comes with HD video conferencing, hands-on multi-touch and you can even write and send  notes to anybody, directly from the screen of the monitor. Its ability to detect handwritten contents and send them immediately contributes to making this device a pretty handy perk.

The TV has two wide-angle HD video conference cameras that make it possible for everyone in the room to have their faces appear on the TV with ease. It has also been made to support collaborative group meetings as it offers users over 100 points of touch at the same time.


Well, in addition to the aforementioned, the TV is featuring a Digital Ink that allows users draw and write directly on the screen without hurting the screen or scratching it throughout its use. Just like a whiteboard, users will be enjoying a tactile experience that’s just like writing on a piece of paper. The screen affords users the opportunity to do many other things right on the screen of the TV, and that is done to help increase collaborations. Even after being through with all the meetings, the TV allows you clean all written contents with ease.


It’s a Windows 10 system, so it comes fully packed with productivity and business apps that are used in the business circle. The apps are all designed to improve collaborations, so you would be able to enjoy Skype for Business, MS Office, OneNote and all Windows 10 Universal apps; all you need to do to enjoy your desired app is to download, install and run.

Does it look like something you would like to miss? Well, it’s something many of us will really love to own. But you should also know that this TV costs much, so getting it may mean you have to set your pocket back some few thousands of dollars. Specifically, the TV goes for $22,000; well, the last time I checked, that’s enough to get a nice car. I guess that’s why this is mainly for businesses and other corporate settings, but whatever you need it for, you can be rest assured that’s this is a useful and handy machine. is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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