New HTC 10 Teaser—What to Expect

In the years I have been here in the tech industry, teasers have always been something I can’t do without, from new specs, to new features, to images of new devices, and finally to these new devices; it has always been a nice experience. Teasers have become a big part of marketing products that hasn’t even hit the market, and many tech companies have always done that. Marketing a product results in an increased anticipation and expectation for the product, and that’s just what the makers have in mind. Well, the latest teaser we have for you is the HTC 10.

HTC may have held back from telling us the date of its release, but it hasn’t really failed to show us some things we should wait to see on its gadget. The Taiwanese company has made good use of social media to tease what it has called the ‘HTC 10’ Smartphone.

In a tweet some days back, HTC said, “world first, world class, front and back. You’ll see.” Then it added a hashtag, “PowerOf10.” In the tweet, the company shared an image that showed the camera that could accompany the HTC 10 Smartphone. Well, we were only able to decode little from the image, but indications have shown that a new camera feature may be coming with HTC’s new flagship Smartphone.

A teaser video that was released earlier this month showed the HTC 10 flagship, but we weren’t able to see anything significant, though, and the company has still said we should be expecting a lot of things. In the video, the company said that the team has been working very hard just to ensure that, “your phone gets even better.” The company, in its YouTube video, said, “the team is obsessed, but in a good way.”


After some digging, we were able to uncover some leaks that could prove what we should expect on the HTC 10. First, the device could be coming with a 5.15-inch QHD display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chipset, Adreno 530 GPU, 4GB RAM, 12MP rear-facing camera, and a USB Type-C port. Well, seeing these features, I am sure you will agree that it looks quite like the Samsung Galaxy S7s.Well, we just have to wait until the release to get a final look at the specs.

Information making the rounds has hinted that the Smartphone will also be dressed in a metal case, it will come with broad chamfered edges and a physical home button will be kept below the display and two capacitive buttons will also be available, and they will be used to move back and to access multi-window options.

Well, the HTC 10 will be breaking a lot of grounds when it arrives; we just have to wait patiently for it, to see what it will really bring. Some reports have hinted April as the month of the launch of the device, but I will disagree with that because HTC hasn’t started sending out invites for the launch. We may have to wait for two or three months before the release of the gadget as HTC hasn’t really let us in on the stage it’s now working on.

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