Samsung Launches Portable SSD T3

Good storage can be a challenge for many of us. It’s imperative that we deal with large files at times; videos, songs and large documents creep into our devices many times and they just cripple our devices for no good reason. Samsung sees this as a need that needs to be satisfied, and that may have been the motivation behind its release of the Solid State Drive.

This premium palm-sized storage drive offers us multi-terabyte memory capacities and it is equipped with Samsung’s Vertical NAND and SSD TurboWrite technology. The storage drive offers you advanced performance and this allows everyone, including business and IT professionals, consumers and content creators have access to a means of storing and retrieving large multimedia contents on any device.

This bold move by Samsung will be representing an advancement in mobile storage as SSD T3 offers you a dependable and versatile solution to your storage concerns. The device has been released in 3 variants, starting from the one of the 250GB and culminating at the one of 1TB. Digital contents are becoming an order of the day; students don’t always need to go about with hard copies of textbooks as the soft copies can be downloaded, so why shouldn’t we get a better storage device?

The company has assured that security won’t be compromised as the SSD comes with the latest in technology and security innovations as it sports AES-256 bit hardware encryption. The portable SSD T3 sports pretty fast read and write speeds, and that would add to the speed at which contents are transferred. The device is compatible with android devices, tablets, televisions, laptops and desktops.

The read speed has been clocked at 450MB per second and it sports a USB 3.0 super speed interface that’s 4 times faster than other external hard drives. The device writes at 240MB per second, and that’s pretty cool for a device of its worth. It offers you something better than information security; its portability also means you don’t always have to move with your laptops when you really don’t need it or when you feel it isn’t safe to move with it as the portable SSD T3 sports a cool design and a durable feel.


The device sports a metal body and a shock-resistant internal frame. It features a shock resistance of up to 1,500G and it resists anything within a 2-meter range of drop. The device sports a thermal guard which is designed to efficiently manage your workload while still preventing overheating issues.

It’s USB 3.1 Type C connection is super useful as many different devices will be able to use it. The SSD T3 offers you super compatibility and it doesn’t select devices as some external memories do. The company stated that it would be starting an increase in its range of memory capacities.

Architects, movie producers, students, engineers and developers will be benefiting from this, let’s just wait and see what comes out of this and how people accept it, but for me, I love it.



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