Samsung Makes Headway in South Korea

Who wouldn’t want to have a feel of what the Samsung Galaxy S7s are just like? Many of us here in the technology market are just awed by the response newly released mobile devices always manage to gather from the public. Samsung isn’t new to the concept of “make something better and get more sales”. With its release of its Galaxy S7, Samsung has proved to us, once again, that it is a phone and consumer electronics maker that should be respected.

Yesterday, I was able to stumble on a report that shows the number units of the Galaxy S7 Smartphones have been sold in South Korea, the home country of Samsung. South Korea has showed that it is one of the biggest patrons of Samsung; the report shows that over 100,000 units of Samsung Galaxy S7s were sold in just two days. Did I hear you say, “Amazing”? Well, yes it is, and if that can be amassed in two days, how many more of these devices would go on sale?

On Friday, the company sold over 60,000 units, while the remaining 40,000 was sold on Saturday. The Smartphone market has showed that it will be accepting the Galaxy S7 Edge with open arms as 40 percent of the total sales were actually the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The 40 percent may be the result of the work of some people who think the features on the two devices are not too different, so why pay higher for this? Well, those who got theirs are already feeling the difference.

Saturday sales have always been lower than other days, and this is true of many other devices that have been released in the past. So, getting 40,000 on a Saturday in only South Korea was a step up. One Smartphone I have personally witnessed a rush in sales like this was the Samsung Galaxy S6, as each of the variants were released, acceptability in South Korea was always going to the peak.

The two Smartphones that saw the limelight last month before the Mobile World Congress have been touted to have some really cool features, starting from the water-proof feature, dust-proof and culminating at the larger battery capacities. It will be coming with a lower camera capacity when compared to the 13MP that we find on the Galaxy S6. But don’t feel there isn’t something different, though, as the Galaxy S7s comes with extreme low-light and improved auto-focus.


If you want to ditch your Samsung Galaxy S6, I really think this is the preferred choice as the Galaxy S6 doesn’t allow you expand your device’s memory; so get the Samsung Galaxy S7, get an improved memory capacity. You can also enjoy other features in its connectivity and sound departments.

The mobile phone market is falling for some companies as many new Smartphone makers are springing up by the day. Samsung really needs sales, and it’s willing to add all necessary innovations to its devices if it will bring that extra buyer. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been touted to be one of the best new devices, so it’s really not going to hurt if you also make the change now, and you could help revitalize Samsung’s mobile division. is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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