Sony to Launch PlayStation VR in October

Virtual reality’s acceptability has gradually grown over the months, and one thing is becoming pretty clear, virtual reality will make a big impact on all areas of technology; in fact, it’s already making a slamming impact. The feeling is always superb, being able to get something that’s just like reality, being able to get more absorbed in an experience that can be bought.

Sony has carried out a massive teasing campaign of its PlayStation VR for months, showing leaked images and sharing inside news to help us get an idea of what this device will be like. Personally, I was able to see some images even before the official images were released, and I must admit, this device is simply cool for those of us who are diehard lovers of games.

Just as I stated in the preceding paragraph, the leaks and teases have continued coming, and Sony has finally told us the date we should be expecting to welcome the VR headset by clearly stating that it will release the device by October 2016. The Chief Executive of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, has this to say about the VR gadget, “virtual reality represents a new frontier for gaming, one that will change the way users interact with games forever.” Well, I guess that is a fact, I just can’t wait to feel this device.

Many have been questioning Sony’s decision to release the device in October, many have even said that ‘it’s too far away’, but according to reports reaching us, the October launch date was chosen to allow enough time to make enough units of the device for the expected demand. This time frame will also be used by developers to get games ready for the headset.

The headsets can be plugged into the consoles of the PlayStation 4, and that’s pretty great news for those of us using the PlayStation 4. Sony has said that the PlayStation 4 is its fastest-selling console so far as over 36 million units have been sold since 2013. The decision to make the headset pluggable to the PS4 consoles will drive a speedy increase in sales for quite some time.


The competition isn’t sitting idly either, as Facebook-owned Oculus will start shipping out its Rift VR headsets later this month, and that could mean a little setback for Sony, let’s just wait and see how they fare. Preorders for the Rift headset have started at $599, and Oculus has been working with computer makers to make machines and computer systems that can handle the technology.

Virtual reality is increasingly gaining acceptability, and with the Playstation VR from Sony, users will be able to enjoy a virtual reality experience that goes beyond gaming, it even allows users enjoy a Cinematic mode that can let people watch digital videos on large virtual screens. That has just shown that, very soon, virtual reality will extend to sport viewing centers, film streaming and television shows, even businesses will not be able to resist the urge to put virtual reality to work. is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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