Tinder Acquires Humin

Tinder is one name that rings a bell in the ears of most Smartphone users. Just like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Skype, it had made a name for itself here in the social media niche, and just like the aforementioned social networks, it has managed to remain relevant for as long as time would remind us. Well, Tinder went a step further by actually investing in the dating business than its counterpart, and its cool matchmaking and matured interface has made it one app people want to get, and that social network people want to join.

Well, recently, Tinder may have decided to delve into another industry, although it has stated that the dating business still remains its main source of revenue. Humin is a San Francisco contact management app, it merges all scattered information into one single contact app, and users will be enjoying unlimited access to unlimited information straight from their gadgets.

The tidbits reaching us here at tweaking tricks is that the company has decided to take some of the engineers working at Humin under its wing, and it even plans to open an office in San Francisco, so the intakes will be used to kick-off operations there while they can still remain on the team.

Tinder, like any dating app, is always working to make it easy to arrange dates among people, and its acquisition of Humin’s technology just goes on to show how dedicated Tinder is, to offer you an app that allows you meet real people within your desired neighborhood.

Well, many companies sell off or liquidate with the excuse that they feel that coming together with (or under) another company makes that niche grow stronger. Could remember what Nokia’s CEO said while handing over to Microsoft. We all know companies can’t just go under when in their prime, so there could have been something, well, actually, there was, and we will be sharing it with you.


After doing some digging, multiple sources told us that the company (Humin) is finding it pretty tough in the contact management niche since many other companies are competing in the same market. While it was struggling to survive, it tried raising more capital, but things didn’t just fall in place and it had to go under. I think I will believe this information much more than the first because this is always the reason behind every company’s folding up.

Humin saw some key staffs leave back in December, with the most notable being Mark Zuckerberg’s younger sister, Arielle Zuckerberg, and the lady had to join Kleiner Perkins, so the company was pretty weak even before now.

Well, Tinder had also been struggling to bring more experienced people on board, and not having a footprint in San Francisco was also of concern to the board. But it will be getting two things it has been shopping for at the same time, and since it’s setting up an office in San Fransisco, there is a possibility that it’s banking on the cross-over staffs to start off.


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