What to Expect On Android N

The next version of Google’s android operating system is in the advanced stage, and just as you would expect, many of us in the tech and electronics industry have been on the prowl for the latest bit of information on the incoming android OS. Initially, expectations were that the preview of the operating system will be done sometime around May, but Google has already started previewing the OS, and we can expect that it would be fully blown out very soon.

Google’s preview of the operating system has given us a lot to talk about, starting from new features to expect to some of the older features that have been upgraded. The search giant also previewed some of its functionality and it even said that some devices will be running this operating system soon after its release.

Android N comes with a split-screen feature that allows users swap between two apps easily. In contrast to some operating systems that require that users click on notifications and apps before replying, the Android N allows you reply directly to any new notification even without entering the app. That means, if you receive a message on Skype, you don’t need to open your Skype app to reply, just click and type-in your reply. That will be super cool for busy people and it will also reduce distractions while driving.

Apps will no longer consume power as they used to, as the operating system automatically reduces the amount of power drawn by apps when the device’s screen is turned off or when the device is asleep. Google has stated that this operating system is perfect for mobile app makers as they will be able to benefit from an increase in the use of their apps.

Google didn’t release test versions of its Android N, but that’s not surprising as the company may decide to release it at the annual developer’s conference later in May. The plan is that the operating system is gotten by mobile app developers, as it wouldn’t be wise to release an operating system with little or no app for it, so the company is planning to give it to the developers who will make apps for it, then by the time it finally releases it, users will be able to enjoy a seamless switch to Google’s Android N.


This operating system brings nothing new to the arena, though, the reply-to-notifications and the split-screen features are already found on Apple’s iPhone. The only new thing about this device is that users of android devices will be able to benefit from one of the features that iPhone users enjoy.

This has been seen as an era of reduced innovations in the Smartphone industry and this operating system may not have what it takes to command people to make the change. There are other functionalities that Google could have added, but why did it not? That is a big question that may take a decade to answer.

Google does not sell devices; but digital ads, which happen to be its biggest source of revenue will be having a significant boost as Google will be able to channel its ads to the right audience and owning the operating system means we users will have little or nothing to do about the ads, I just hope it wouldn’t be just too buggy.


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