Blackberry Starts Sending Out Android Marshmallow Update

Whether you admit it or not, Blackberry still has a lot to offer us. Starting from its release of the Blackberry Priv some months back to its recent drop in prices, the tech, and consumer electronics maker is always there to give us something new. Sometime last year, the company promised to send the update to the Android marshmallow over the air to the devices of its users, well, it recently proved true to its promise as it has started doing just as it said.

The Canada-based company, Blackberry, recently kicked off its first Android marshmallow Beta program, and it even invited Blackberry Priv users to sign up to be able to participate in the program. Users who participate will be able to test the Android 6.0 update on their devices, but I am not sure if Blackberry has put a means of reporting any faults in place. Many of my friends said they weren’t going to participate as they didn’t want their devices to be hit by faults.

On Monday, the company said that the update is expected to come with security software updates on the bleeding edge, which may serve to tell us that we should expect to get software that will be featuring a monthly security patch, and that will come really handy in the coming months.

According to the company, users will be able to participate by doing a wireless software update to the new Android 6.0 Beta edition, and if they encounter any bugs or malfunctions, they would have the chance to report them with ease as there will be a bug reporting app that will help facilitate fast reporting. Well, I guess what my friends fear most could not really be worth fearing as the company has put a means of reporting all bugs in place.

We visited the official signup page, and this was what the company shared with us: “all participants are expected to follow instructions to enable background diagnostic reporting so that engineering teams here at Blackberry can easily analyze all the collected information, and make improvements where necessary. There is also a Blackberry Bug Reporter that we have made available to all testers, we hope that this will make it possible for participants to submit detailed reports of bugs for specific areas they have encountered problems.” So, it’s imperative that all who are interested in testing the Beta edition of the Android 6.0 marshmallow enable the Background Diagnostic Reporting; if not done, engineers at Blackberry won’t be able to gather information from your device.


Well, the firm as done well in trying to ensure that all users get a seamless use of its Android 6.0 updates. We can expect to receive the latest features we find on other Smartphones, and the allure of a monthly security update may be too strong to resist.

The registration for this programs should be open for two weeks, so we can expect that the Beta testing will begin by the second week of April, and the company has even hinted that the testing will stretch over a span of 4-8 weeks, and we really think that’s achievable considering the volume of data that they have to analyze every day.




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