Dual-Lens Camera Phones Are the Future of Mobile Photography


Dual-lens camera phones have started springing up one after the other, and we just have to call our attention to the fact that this could be the future of mobile photography in an era where mobiles phones have had cameras as highlights.

Some months back, LG released its G5 Smartphone, and it didn’t take long for the Smartphone to gain recognition and many accepted the concept. What followed is what usually follows; reviews and many more reviews, but as many as these reviews were, the dual lens camera that the Smartphone came with managed to remain at the center of all reviews and news. Well, Huawei also released its flagship Smartphone, the Huawei P9, guess what was found on the back of the thin Smartphone; a dual-lens camera.

Rumors have been making the rounds about the possibility of the iPhone 7 Plus coming with a dual-lens camera, and if that’s true, we could be witnessing a time when the likes of Samsung will be beaten in market share unless the giant phone maker also comes up with something really fast.

LG had a good showing last year, and its release of the LG G5 shows that it wishes to continue that record by starting another year on a cool note. The LG G5 comes with some great features, but none of these features made as much impact as the dual-lens camera. The Smartphone has a 16MP main camera on the rear while an additional 8MP camera is there to give it support.

This makes it possible to take better landscape, architecture and group shots as it has a 135-degree field of view. In additional to the wonderful combination on the rear, we find an 8MP camera on the front, and this gives the LG G5 the perfect camera combination.
That was the LG G5, have you thought about the Huawei P9’s camera feature? Well, for one thing, Huawei comes with the better camera and improved design if we would compare it to what we find on the LG G5 Smartphone.



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