Elon Musk’s Wild Talk to Make Artificial Intelligence Free


The Friday afternoon news dump has become a tradition that’s observed by politicians and capitalists as a time to hide bad news, so it sounded really funny when Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and Sam Altman who happens to be the President of Y Combinator unveiled a new Artificial Intelligence company back in December.

That unveiling of the AI Company came late, at least that’s what it seemed like, but to Elon Musk and Sam Altman, they actually revealed it at a time when many would be watching. In fact, that led many powerful companies here in the Silicon Valley to invest large amounts of money to the company’s newly assembled cadre of AI researchers. Well, the offers were delayed, or maybe they came late, and it actually made Musk and Altman delay the announcement of the new startup as the amount was just crazy.

These researchers were valued in Silicon Valley, Musk and Altman had to go the extra mile in ensuring that they keep them to themselves, but many of the money bags in Silicon Valley were hotly on their tail.  Microsoft research vice president, Peter Lee, said that a top AI researcher costs much more than a top quarterback prospect in the National Football League, and that was on regular circumstances, you can just imagine how much more they would cost when two famous entrepreneurs are trying to get them at all cost. Little wonder why Zaremba, a top researcher, said that he was offered three times his market value, and that really underlines the pressure on Artificial Intelligence researchers.


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