Magic Leap—The World’s Secret Startup with Great Ideas


Silicon Valley has garnered a reputation as a tech goldmine for many years, with many of the world’s leading tech companies doing justice to new technologies and also working hard to develop existing ones. Magic Leap is one startup that may not have gotten a lot of attention, in fact, it’s not in Silicon Valley, and so the potential to be found in its suburban Florida was pretty tiny.

This startup has been in the shadows, and only recently did we discover that it has something great in the works, it actually boasts of a different kind of virtual reality, one that you probably haven’t even seen. This technology is just immersive, it’s mind-blowing and mind-bending, and it just tells us what the future of virtual reality will be like as its technology has taken virtual reality to a different level.

This startup has produced a synthetic reality headset that lets you see aliens and other robots, and you just get that feeling that you are watching another Star Wars holographic chess game. Repositioning your head makes the virtual drone change its position, and that goes on to show how close you get to reality with this headset. If we would be looking at this and imagining what we will be having in few years from now, it would be safe to expect that artificial reality will really be making an impact.

These magical goggles allow you see different things without actually seeing them in reality. It features some human-sized robots that walk through the real walls of the room; it even allows you shoot at these robots while miniature humans wrestle with each other on tabletops. They aren’t real, but with this goggle, you get a feeling that they are actually present right there with you.


Magic Leap Video Screen shot

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