Meet Huawei’s New P9 Flagship Smartphone

“Huawei doesn’t disappoint”, that was what I heard from a friend who was viewing the launch of the Huawei P9 Smartphone with me yesterday. The tech world was left practically motionless for some minutes as all the attention was on Huawei Technologies as the Chinese phone maker brought its latest flagship Smartphone to the spotlight.

Huawei Technologies worked together with Germany’s Leica, and they released a Smartphone that features a 12MP dual-lens rear-facing camera. The company said that this feature will set the Huawei P9 apart from other android devices in the market. Leica has one of the best camera technologies in the world, and its 102 years old history has made it one of the most respected camera makers in the world.

Well, this is pretty cool, as customers are increasingly looking for devices with better cameras, and when a Smartphone doesn’t have that cool camera, it really doesn’t last long in the hands of the users.

The dual-lens camera captures monochrome and color images separately after which it combines them to create deeper, detailed and brighter colors, and that’s something many single lens cameras don’t do. So in a nutshell, the makers have made this device to be differentiated by its camera; so, once again, we receive a device with the camera as its main highlight. Lest we forget, the Smartphone also comes with an 8MP front-facing camera for those cool selfies, and the company has even made it possible to shoot great selfies even in low-light condition.

Decorating the front of the Smartphone is a 5.2-inch Full HD display that comes with a very high contrast and a 96% color saturation, helping you enjoy colors that are as close to nature as possible.

In the power room is a 3000 mAh battery that’s just there to satisfy your desires, and it lets you use your device for as long as possible . The Smartphone also comes with a fast-charge feature, and that’s simply sleek as you would be charging the device in the shortest time possible while you will be able to use it for as long as your hands hold up.

It comes with a fingerprint sensor that helps to give you the security every mobile phone user craves. The sensor was tested and it unlocked the Smartphone in less than 0.3 seconds, that’s cool, you unlock your devices without even realizing it was locked.


The Smartphone comes with Huawei’s home-made octa-core Kirin 955 processor, it also sports a 3GB RAM and the ROM has been split into different variants; one is 32GB while the other is 64GB. But information making the rounds t shows that the ROM will be sent based on the market, not individual’s preference, but a user may decide to purchase directly from the Chinese market.

Physically, we noticed that it comes with aluminum clothing, and we wouldn’t mind having that on the P9 Smartphone as it just helps to improve the strength and overall quality of the Smartphone. It’s a cool device, and it’s actually something anyone wouldn’t mind getting, so I guess it’s now time to begin the tests.

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