One Line of Bad Code Costs a Man His Entire Company


Web hosting service provider, Marco Marsala lost all trace of his company and the websites he manages for his clients in the twinkle of an eye. All he did was to enter a bug code and then he ran it, all website data and files went permanently lost. It looks like all traces of his files has been removed and he wouldn’t be getting them back anytime soon, that’s if what server experts said was false.

Marsala went straight to a forum and there he hoped the answers and solutions will be coming from. He carefully shared his problems and even went on to give a step-by-step account of all that happened, how he ran the code, and how he was now stuck as his computer deleted all he own. Well, there was no solution, as he was told that he had permanently deleted the data of his company and clients, and that simply means that he has destroyed his entire company, some added though, that he would need a reputable data recovery firm and a lot of cash to be able to get his data back.

This was the code that Mr. Marsala entered, “rm -rf”.  The “rm” in the code will tell the computer to remove the selected data, or all data, “r” will tell the computer to delete everything in a directory, and the last letter,”f” tells the computer to force deleted everything, so the computer would not be allowed to give the usual warnings and alerts before deleting anything, and that was how everything on Marsala’s computer went down the drains.


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