Opera’s New Features Makes It Possible to Use VPN


Opera has added a free VPN feature to its browser and we would be gaining a better and more privatized browsing from now. I took the time to download the regular edition of the Opera before writing this post, and from the look of things, this feature will not be appearing in the regular edition of the browser as it’s for the more tech-savvy users.

This version of the Opera has been named: “the developer’s version”, as it is made with tech-savvy users in mind, and this may be Opera’s move to get more advanced users to use their browser in surfing the web.

Opera will be coming as the first browser maker to come with this feature in any of its software, and this unlimited and free VPN will be making it possible to use a virtual private network without downloading extensions or paying for VPN subscriptions. It makes it easy to access blocked contents and it also shields you when you browse using a public Wi-Fi.

Most VPNs we know either have outright costs like the ones we stated above while some others have hidden cost, which may be your data; but Opera is a very handy tool has it lets you know your data usage if you wish to track it, and it also lets you set your data limit.

This comes as a pretty cool move from Opera and this will surely do what has been planned—attracting more tech-savvy users. The company has previously included ad-blocking software that lets you browse with ads popping on your face, and it has made this VPN also with the same set of people in mind.

We can just hope that this service will be recognized in the future considering the fact that only a few people used the ad-blocking software some years back, but it has started gaining momentum today. Compared to browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, it’s safe to conclude that Opera still has a lot to do to catch up with the leaders in the PC browsing arena, and with these features coming to Opera, we can expect to see a slight increase in the number of those using Opera to surf the internet.


Opera mini VPN

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