Singapore to See Driverless Pods before Year’s End


Technology in Singapore will be making an amazing twist for the best before the end of the year 2016. Things have been moving pretty fast in Singapore and we could be seeing an era of steady technology developments from two companies who aren’t ashamed to tell us how great the Singapore market will become in few years from now.

Singaporeans will be able to ride in these new driverless pods anywhere. They will be able to get to school, offices, and many other business places and marketplaces with the driverless pod. Am sure many of us will be reminded of the autonomous vehicles being made here in America, and how most of these companies in Silicon Valley and around are working to make it really autonomous. Well, Singapore seems to have gotten something almost close to what we are looking at. In fact, it’s amazing to know that these cars actually make use of electricity and they move as fast as the traditional cars we use. The only thing we are yet to fathom is the range this autonomous pod will be able to travel.

Another cool thing about the electricity-powered pods is that they can move on smaller roads and they can move in gated areas with ease. The pods are very comfortable to be in and they don’t gallop as you would have imagined.

This car was the handiwork of 2getthere, and it collaborated with Singapore’s transportation operator, SMRT. The companies have worked together to make it possible to map out the areas and also ensure that the cars take the best routes. The companies have said that they will be building them and making the pods large enough to carry 24 passengers. This new joint venture by these companies, 2getthere Asia has the hopes of making pods that will operate in all Asia, and they even plan to make it possible to maintain these cars in the city-state.


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