Taking Notes By Hand Is Better Than Doing So Digitally


Researchers have said that it’s better to take notes by hand than to take notes using your laptops, Smartphones, and even your tablets.  That is coming in real contrast to the order of the day as many in a modern classroom have their laptops, tablets and notepads sitting comfortably in front of them. Researchers have many reasons, and putting these into consideration, it looks like we should start putting our laptops away and getting our notebooks back.

It’s a known fact that tablets and PCs do not encourage reading. They have the tendency to be distracting and that just goes on to sum up one fact; That it’s not advisable to read with a laptop if you want to understand all you are reading, and that’s why people enjoy kindle eBook readers because it offers lesser distractions than your laptops, tablets, and Smartphones.

When in that dull and boring lecture, you find it easy to click and go off to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter if you are using a laptop, and that doesn’t help you in the long run. In fact, a study has shown that the fact that you write slower when taking notes by hand is what makes the difference as you tend to write at the pace at which your brain captures.

Pam A. Mueller of Princeton University and Daniel M. Oppenheimer of the University of California have been able to test how note-taking by hand and notetaking by computer affects the learning process, and they published their findings in Psychological Science. This was their conclusion: “when people type notes using a computer, there is the tendency to take verbatim notes, as that will make it possible to capture much of the lecture. But the students taking longhand notes are forced to be selective as you write slower than you type. But the difference is this, that extra process that they underwent really helps them”.


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