Windows 10 Update Message Interrupts Live Weather Report


Some weeks ago, we had an article that related to Microsoft bugging and forcing users to make an update to the Windows 10. Back then, Microsoft said that it isn’t forcing it on people, and that it isn’t automatically installing the Windows 10 on users’ PC.

Many have raised the issue with some even saying they woke up to see Windows 10 already installed on their PC and they were not very happy with that. Well, it seems Microsoft has been in a little mess; this time, its update request interrupted a live weather report that’s being anchored by a meteorologist at KCCI, Metinka Slater.

This could easily become the most annoying thing anyone could ever imagine, and many users have even said that their machines are asking to download the Windows 10 without any warning, and that just goes on to show how dissatisfied Microsoft has been making its customers, and this should propel the giant tech company to give a clear explanation or work on a possible solution, so users wouldn’t have these issues always.

windows-pop up

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