Yuri Milner Plans an Interstellar Starship That Will Reach for the Nearest Star across 4.37 Light-Years


The search for extraterrestrial intelligence has always been on, but just last year, Russian philanthropist and entrepreneur Yuri Milner unveiled a $100 million dollars effort to scan the skies for radio and light signals emitted by aliens. That move really gave the extraterrestrial intelligence search a significant boost; in fact, the most significant boost in recent years. Well, I guess this billionaire wasn’t comfortable enough, or should I say, he wasn’t happy to just sit and wait for aliens to come hail us, he now plans to build an interstellar spacecraft.

Milner Yuri and his team of scientists and other luminaries from Silicon Valley and beyond announced a new project that was named, “Breakthrough Starshot.” This project, according to them, will involve sending fleets of robot spacecraft that are the sizes of iPhones to Alpha Centauri which is the nearest star system, that’s 4.37 light-years away.


Photo Credit: wikipedia

It was revealed that a rocket will be delivering a mother ship that’s carrying small probes into the orbit, and when in the orbit, these probes would unfold thin robot spacecraft that will be controlled using powerful laser beams from the earth. It was also said that these robots would be able to move across the universe.

breakthrough starshot

Sreenshot from Breakthrough Starshot Simultation

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