10 Year old Gets Paid $10,000 From Instagram Hack


Jani, a 10-year-old who was able to hack Instagram was awarded $10,000 by Facebook. The company decided to withhold the last name of the kid for security reasons but it confirmed that the boy was able to exploit a bug on Instagram. The young kid is from Helsinki, Finland, and he is now known as Facebook’s youngest white hat hacker. This boy was able to exploit a small glitch on Instagram that allowed him to delete any comment that he chose on the popular network that’s mainly known for being an image sharing social network.

It was a very cool time; in fact, Facebook’s engineers were so surprised that a kid that young will be able to detect that little but complex bug. Facebook had to confirm the claim of the kid, and it created a test account, posted a comment, after which it asked the kid to delete it; well, the kid did, and it just went on to show how skilled he is. Facebook is known for being generous and for appreciating talent; it didn’t even delay in awarding this wunderkind $10,000 as part of the company’s bug bounty program.

If it hadn’t been detected or if it was detected by black hat hackers, they would have been able to delete anyone, even the rich and famous and it just showed how this bug bounty program helps the web giant know of bugs that could hurt its image. According to Facebook, the vulnerability was located in a private application programming interface that fails to check whether the user who is trying to delete a comment was the same user who posted the comment.

Jani, the 10-year-old security defender has said that the prize will go toward football equipment and a new bicycle. He has said that he wishes to be a security expert when he grows up, and from what he did recently, we wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that he is on the path he chose. He said that he developed these skills simply by watching YouTube videos, and he hopes to continue learning by taking the time to practice what he learns from other videos.

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