15-Yearold Discovers Lost Mayan City Using Ancient Star Maps


In ancient times, there is an unprecedented technique that people use to match stars to the locations of temples on earth. Well, this method was used by 15-yearold William Gadoury, a Canadian student, and he says he was able to discover the ancient Maya city in Mexico. Well, images of this spot have been taken from space and they all suggest that this teen could actually have discovered something.

William developed an interest in archaeology after the publication of the Maya calendar that announced the end of the world in 2012, and after taking this calendar, then diagrams of constellations and maps of this ancient port city, he sat down to study the similarities for many hours, and he finally noticed the link between the two, how?  He discovered that the brightest stars of the constellations overlaid with the locations of the largest Maya cities, and this could be true as Maya cities have large temples in them.

He studied 22 different constellations and he noticed that these constellations corresponded to the locations of some 117 Mayan cities and when he started looking at the 23rd constellation, he was able to match two bright stars to known cities, while a third star remained without a match. He used a transparent overlay and he was able to pinpoint a location deep in the jungles of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.


Google Earth and satellite photos appear to reveal the site of a pyramid cloaked in foliage. (Image: Google Earth, CSA)

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