A SleepBus That Teleports Passenger to another City


When next you decide to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles and vice-versa, it would be awesome to know that you may be able to be in a bus that teleports you, not fly you. It’s pretty awesome, and you would be enjoying one of the most comfortable rides in a very long time, this and many other amenities have all contributed to making this ride a pretty awesome, interesting and cool one, all for just $48.

It’s a ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, no doubt, you guys know the distance and the time it takes to shuttle between these places and you will agree that this is the least expensive mode of transportation, but just as I said earlier, being relatively cheap doesn’t really mean its least comfortable, it’s actually pretty cool.


Sleep Bus

This service has been taking people between the two cities ever since April, and from the experience we had when we tried joining the ride, it’s a very easy to use and pretty simple process. Just get inside, grab a bunk, and sleep off. Well, I slept in Los Angeles and it was so wonderful to wake up in San Francisco.

Tom Currier, the founder, and CEO of SleepBus told us that it will be like an actual teleportation, and really, it was pretty close to teleportation, but I was very mindful of the environment that I didn’t get a very sound sleep.

Los Angeles and San Francisco are two technology hubs that have dominated this era of costly inventions; in fact, it has been home to “Hyperloop Test Tracks” and “Uber for Private Jets”. If you are a budget conscious traveler who doesn’t want lots of distractions, or who just wants to refresh the brain and mind before getting to the next city, this may be a pretty cool one for you.



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