A Swap-In Wheel That Makes Your Bike Electric in 60 Seconds


Electric bikes have been around for a very long time, so many may be seeing this as a not-too-interesting topic. Really, it’s very interesting, because this will be the first time a company will decide to break out of the niche audience and the shell to make something different, even though it still has electric bikes in mind.

You may be thinking of getting an electric bicycle, and maybe you already started keeping the money for it, but here is a way of you making your bikes electric in as fast as 60 seconds. The GeoOrbital wheel is really sleek and of good quality, the makers have previously worked with Space X and Ford, so we wouldn’t be too wrong to conclude that they know many things about redefined transportation. The makers made this tire out of a desire to give you that electric feel without having to dish out $5000 for an electric bicycle.

This wheel is a universal wheel, so it can work well on any bicycle. The wheel can carry you for 20 miles per hour with a 50mile range coming as its maximum. Even after the battery runs low, you can still continue riding it as you would ride your bicycle. The wheel can be fixed on your bicycle without using any tool and all the power you need to pilot the bicycle is included in the wheel.


Geoorbital wheel fixing

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