A Swap-In Wheel That Makes Your Bike Electric in 60 Seconds

Watch How To Fix The GeoOrbital Wheel

The tires are flat-proof, so you would be getting a solid foam tire that will discard the need to worry about getting a flat tire or even checking tire pressure. This hi-density foam technology maintains the tire’s weight and makes it move and act like the traditional bike tire.

The wheel also comes with a built-in USB outlet that makes it possible to charge your phone, bike lights or even a speaker as you ride on. If you wouldn’t be riding the bike on your next outing, you can decide to remove the battery from the wheel; well, that could be a powerbank that would serve you for two full days.

The company already has a Kickstarter campaign running, and looking at the page we saw that it has amassed much more than it planned for the project and that simply lets you know how interested we are in seeing this idea come to life. The company has finished all the designs and builds, it is now promising to start the production of the tires immediately after the Kickstarter campaign, and that spells one fact; we could be receiving it very soon, and from what we have seen, we can budget something close to $650.

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