An Amputee Gamer Gets Bionic Arm That Has a Drone


Sometime in 2012, biological scientist James Young was pulled under a train in London, and that could easily qualify as the most dangerous thing that has ever happened to him. His left foot was chopped off, and if he would live, his left arm would have to see the knife, well, he wanted to live, and that resulted in the amputation of his left arm.

James has just been given a new lease of life; he just got a futuristic-looking prosthetic arm that could do some things his arm was able to do. This arm didn’t come cheap, and after we did some digging, we learnt that the device costs $90,000, but if you see it, you wouldn’t mind owning one. It’s packed full of technology and the look is awesome, sleek and it just reminds us of some sci-fi movies.

This arm was actually designed for James Young by Sophie De Oliveira Barata from the Alternative Limb Project. Well, if you are someone who loves games and who plays it regularly, you may have seen something similar to this before (Metal Gear Solid V). James is also a game lover, and according to the company, James decided to have the design based on what he say in the Metal Gear game, and it’s a direct copy of the one we find on Solid Snake. This bionic arm has been made in collaboration with Konami, the real maker of the Metal Gear Solid game.


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