Could Donald Trump’s Hair be a $60,000 Weave?


Donald Trump, one who would qualify as the most daring, wealthiest and crowd inspiring US presidential aspirant has a lot of controversies always surrounding him, it just takes a little time, and another question is raised about the business mogul. Well, today, I just stumbled on this and I felt you guys really need to see it. Do you think, or is Donald Trump’s hair a weave worth $60,000?

Donald Trump’s hair has been a mystery for so long and no one has been able to solve it as it’s just not very easy to make sense out of any theory. Recently, we stumbled on something that could be a solution, something that could be very near to the truth (if not the truth).

We met a tipster recently who claimed that he has knowledge of Donald Trump’s hair and he said that he has the solution to the long-standing mystery. He said this: “Donald Trump’s hair is not his own, the hair costs tens of thousands of dollars for installation and upkeep”. Well, how are we sure of that? Let’s read on, please.

The hair that Donald Trump wears is a product of a patented hair restoration treatment that’s called, “Microcylinder Intervention” which is performed by a single well-known clinic—Ivari International. Well, this informant said he has sought treatment at this clinic in the past, and there he learned of Donald Trump’s patronage. To make everything very interesting, this clinic was located inside Trump Tower in New York, on the private floor that is reserved for Donald Trump’s private office.

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