Does Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Patent Make Any Sense?


Some days ago, I shared the latest variant of the much talked about Samsung Galaxy S7 for Batman fans and it was pretty cool to hear you guys share your opinion on that piece, and again, I will be discussing something that has do with Samsung, a patent that the company plans to use for a foldable Smartphone.

At a glance, everything about this patent is just cool, and I personally loved its design and its look, but the only issue with this design was one I discovered after taking an extensive look at it. The problem with the new patent is the phone concept itself. Does it make any real sense to have a folded, flat, square-shaped device in your pocket when you could go for other Smartphones that will be having a large thin oblong shape?

We have been seeing lots of designs and patents for foldable Smartphones, and they always look really cool at the first glance, but there are many reasons why flexible displays haven’t taken over the Smartphone market yet, and one of those reasons is that the foldable Smartphone niche will be requiring a large investment and moreover, it’s a niche that many don’t have the experience needed for designing and maintaining flexible displays and Smartphones.

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