Google Could Be Injecting Cyborg Lenses into Our Eyes


After many trials, long waits, and some errors, Google seems to have finally patented a technology that’s would let it inject a computerized lens into our eyeballs. The company’s smart glasses and smart contact lenses have been around for quite some time, and many of us may have been using them, but this new patented technology takes everything even further and this time, deeper.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved the company’s patents application last week, and in the application, Google explained that it will be removing the eye’s lenses, and then it will inject fluid into the empty lens capsule after which it will place an electronic lens in the fluid that it injected in the eyes. According to Google, ‘if you are equipped with cyborg lenses, you will never need to use contact lenses or glasses again’. The company also stated that you wouldn’t need telescopes and microscopes again, and why should you always take a camera with you, when you eyes can even capture photos and videos.

This artificial lens has been touted to be the future of the human eye, as it automatically adjusts itself to help you see objects that are close by and those that are distances away. The lenses do not need any battery or external power sources as the movement of your eyes help to power them. The lenses could also be tagged “smart”, and they can connect to a nearby wireless device seamlessly.


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